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Philippe Pucheral


Université de Versailles

Activités de recherche

  • My research interest covers (1) data management techniques embedded in highly constrained hardware devices (e.g., secure chips), (2) large-scale distributed data management algorithms and (3) privacy-preserving data management issues (privacy-by-design architectures, anonymisation, access control, legal issue). These three directions converge to a same objective, that is to design privacy-preserving personal data management systems. Besides research, I’m heading the Inria Innovation Lab OwnCare, jointly created by Inria, UVSQ and Hippocad, the goal of which is to develop and experiment practical secure personal data servers and promote their use in the medical-social domain.
  • keywords: core database techniques, data confidentiality and privacy, embedded data management, trusted storage and computing architectures.

Activités d’enseignement

Co-responsible of the DataScale master at UVSQ