Data and Algorithms for an Intelligent and Sustainable City



The teams of the laboratory

The laboratory's scientific project relies on the expertise and interaction of three research teams spanning research domains ranging from data to algorithms: the Ambient Data Access and Mining (ADAM) team; the ALMOST team (Algorithms and Stochastic Models); the PETRUS team (Personal and Trusted Cloud). The laboratory's scientific project is dedicated to the digital city, its applications and its consequences.


The transverse axes

The scientific project of the laboratory structures the major part of its research activities in three transversal axes, in coherence with the federation "Computer Sciences, Human and Social (SIHS)" of the french CNRS: the axis "Mobilities and digital city", the axis "Data, justice and society" and the axis "Energy and sustainable city". The laboratory also maintains a multi-disciplinary activity with biology, chemistry and astronomy.

Latest publications

01 January 2020

Modeling Green Data-Centers and Jobs Balancing with Energy Packet Networks and Interrupted Poisson Energy Arrivals

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09 December 2019

Incremental and Adaptive Feature Exploration over Time Series Stream

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21 November 2019

Formal models for safety analysis of a Data Center system

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16 October 2019

Stochastic modelling of Autonomous Vehicles Driving Scenarios using PEPA

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